2021 Hobonichi Haul (ほぼ日)

It’s that time of the year again where I share my Hobonichi haul + share my planner/journal set-up for next year! ☺️ It’s one of the few things I really look forward to every year.

*If you want to see my previous hauls, you can click here for 2020 and here for 2019! (Also, can I just say—I’m so happy to see my content improve over the years, hehe.)

I ordered my Hobonichi haul on September 1, 2020 (first day of the sale!) and got my package (via FedEx) on September 8, 2020—which is exactly a week later! Not bad. (If you ignore the extra fees, haha.)

This year’s box came in a lovely yellow color and a commemorative 20th anniversary graphic on top of the box. Happy 20th Anniversary, Hobonichi!

This year, I admit, I was a little underwhelmed with the cover choices. Last year, I had such a difficult time choosing what cover to get because I loved so many designs. This year, I had trouble choosing because there wasn’t a particular cover that I gravitated towards.

Rather than force myself to buy a cover from the 2021 line-up just for the sake of getting a cover from the latest release, I searched locally for covers and saw that Scribe was selling one of my dream covers for 40% off! After much thought (and a little encouragement from Abbey, haha!) I bought it!

This year’s quote.

Here’s what I got:

A peek inside 👀

For this year’s cover, I got the Wandervogel (Navy) for the A6 Hobonichi.

Ugh, it’s so nice—huhu.

The material of the cover is made of good quality nylon called Condura, which is the same material used in outdoor goods and jackets! While the sides are made of the same suede used for backpacks—just the feel of this makes do a little happy dance, hehe. It’s so cute!

Details inside the cover!

The inside is just as impressive as the outside, for sure. There are a lot of pockets and spaces for notes and more!

Photos just don’t give it enough justice.
Large pockets, yey!
Bonus pocket at the back, too.

The next item I got is a first: the 2021 Hobonichi Official Guidebook. As soon as I saw the cover, I fell in love! I adore the colors, the illustrations, and the space theme surrounding it (I’m slowly reading the Japanese, and from the first page, it says something like “Planet of the Hobonichi” hehe.)

So cute.
Close up details on the guidebook!
The dog on is definitely the icing on the cake!
A little comic in the front to further introduce the reader to the theme.

The pages are filled with short articles, tons of photos, and ideas on how different people use their Hobonichi, which gives me a ton of ideas on how to fill up mine next year.

There’s even a daily egg tracker on the upper left!
Something I should probably try to do, since I eat an egg almost everyday, LOL.

The main reason why I got the guidebook this year, though, is because they placed all the previous line-ups! It’s fun to see the progression of the Hobonichi itself and all of the older designs.

Makes me wonder which ones I would’ve gotten if I did start getting them 20 years ago.

Now, on to the main event: my chosen Hobonichi set-up for next year!

For next year, I got another Hobonichi Weeks. I started using it this year, and really enjoyed it—it’s my perfect everyday planner where I can plot my work and write my to-do lists for the week on the notes part of each spread.

For 2021, I got the Bow & Tie Swallows design. I’m using the Tokyo Tower design this year and really like the simple pattern and the smooth cover. (Fun fact: Bow & Tie covers are made with the same fabric as neckties; hence the name.)

Swallows are said to carry happiness and are bringers of luck—and I know I’ll need those as much as I can get, haha! I also got a Clear Cover on Cover to protect the planner from dirt and dust.

Inside the Weeks planner are a free clear pocket adhesive and a mini Hobonichi guide.

Just look at the details on this! I find the little flowers, that some of the birds carry, just adorable.

I placed the clear pocket on the front page again!

The Hobonichi Weeks would be my daily + work planner where I’ll record important events on a day-to-day basis, and write down notes + my to-do list for the week. For daily journaling and for daily to-do lists, I got the Day Free (A6) again and the Weekly Calendar notebook:

This year’s flipbook animation in the Day Free features the Dancing Fox character created by Aki Kondo (creator also of Rilakkuma!) for Hobonichi. When the Dancing Fox first got introduced last Spring, it made me laugh and smile! So cute. (I can still hear the song the fox dances to, haha!)

Here’s a closer look on the Hobonichi Weekly Calendar:

Looking at it now, I’m a little worried for the narrow vertical spaces, as I write a lot everyday, but I’m sure I’ll manage.

Here’s what it looks like all set-up!

Can’t 2021 come any faster? I’m tired of 2020 already, haha.

Last, but not least, would be this year’s freebies!

This year, the freebies are these gorgeous navy blue Uni 3-color Jetstream pens. I still have my pens from two years ago, which I’m still using! (I usually give my spare ones to my mom or my aunt.) I also got some ink refills for the pen, as I go through 1-2 refills a month on my Sarasa pens alone! I just love writing.

Here are some close-up photos of the pen details:

Huhu, so gorg. Happy anniversary again, Hobonichi!

I’m already looking forward to the Hobonichi Spring release, hehe.

What’s your planner for next year and what system are you using? Let me know in the comments below! ☺️

‘Till the next blog post,
Sophie 👋🏻

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