MIBF 2017 Book Haul!

Last month, just like every year, I went to the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF, for short). As expected, my wallet wasn’t ready for it (despite me trying to save for a year.)  Unlike last year, where I was able to go to the MIBF on two dates, I was only able to go once this year.

My aunt and I started on the second floor for children’s books!

Check out the number of people there are on the second floor!

Unfortunately, my phone died by the time my aunt and I headed for the first floor, so I didn’t get to take any more photos 😦

Here’s my book haul this year!

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Bibliophile – (Very) Short Feature Film

Right now, I’m taking up a major called “Video Production”. We were asked to make a 1-minute feature film as a challenge. If you follow my blog or my social media accounts, you would probably know that I made another 1-minute film last year (click here). This time, I made a short video on something that I am very passionate about – reading!

Here’s the storyboard!

I asked one of my best friends – Nicole – to be my talent for this film. I filmed and edited everything yesterday and I’m very happy with the results!

Click here to watch it!

Basically, the story is summarized with its title, Bibliophile. It follows a quiet girl on the course of her day as she visits her university library during her free time. She finds a book that captures her attention, borrows it, and proceeds to read it throughout the day – shifting to different locations and sitting in different positions so she could be comfortable. When she eventually finishes the book, she is filled with sadness but returns the book. As she is about to leave, she notices another book. She takes it and proceeds to borrow that; to summarize, “a very short film about a girl who goes through the cycle of the ‘reader’s journey’ which consists of discovery, involvement, and the conclusion before everything resets – a never-ending cycle.”

Do tell me what you think in the comments below! 🙂

Fully Booked Book Sale (January 2016)!

Last month, my aunt and I went to my all-time favorite bookstore in the country, Fully Booked – Bonifacio High Street! There was a huge sale wherein tons of books were more than 70% off! Of course, I grabbed this opportunity and went on an impromptu shopping trip with my aunt (this was afterI went to another mall and watched the Peanuts / Snoopy Movie – which, by the way, I loved so much that I want to watch it again and again). When we arrived, the bookstore was full of people, which was to be expected. Here’s a photo I took from one of the higher floors of the bookstore wherein you could see all the people (and books) in the sale area!


The secret here is to not give up right away. There are tons of shelves around the bookstore (even on different floors) that are under the sale — with that, I would love to share with you all my haul.

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 3.05.05 PM

I first got The Portable James Joyce which was really cheap already (as compared to its original price)! My aunt found this for me after digging through a pile of books, in which I was so happy to find because I loved his Araby! The second book I got was photography book – but what attracted me to it so much was the fact that it was relating to letters. The book is sort of like a collaboration amongst photographers from all around the world! They would go around and find letters even in the most basic and simple of things; for example, a letter A in the trees! I found this book at a great discount of 50% off (from Php 600+), and I was so happy to find this! The third book I got is a personal favorite of mine (a classic), Silas Marner.I read this book (as a required reading) back in high school, and I thoroughly enjoyed it so much that I wanted to grab a copy! Luckily, I found this gem hidden at one of the lowest bookshelves on the second floor of the bookstore! It’s a Collector’s Edition special and the fact that it’s also 50% off! Finally, the last book I got is called Scam!— I know, I know – it’s quite a silly book, but it really fascinated me as it was filled with the different scams (from the observations and experiences of the author) placed on people. I wanted to learn all the scams in the book so that I may avoid or warn loved ones about the idea of those kinds of spam!

(By the way! I finally got my very first set of watercolors and I absolutely love it! I’m practicing every other day now in hopes that my brush lettering improves!)

And that is my book haul last month! I apologize for not updating too often, as I am quite busy with my studies (+ org work)! What’s the best book deal you’ve got? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! 🙂

Manila International Book Fair 2k15 Haul!

I apologize for going on a long hiatus, but here it is (kind of late, but better late than never)!

My haul for this year’s Manila International Book Fair. The MIBF is an annual book fair wherein all the local publications in the country and all the local bookstores would gather in the SMX Convention Center (near the Mall of Asia) and would set up huge booths for people to purchase their products (books mostly) at a discounted price. This event lasts about a week long and this year it was from September 16 to 20.

I went on the 16th (with my aunt) and on the 18th (with my friends). For my first day, this was my haul:

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 11.48.32 PM
* (Top left to bottom right): The Maze Runner set by James Dashner, Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson, We Were Liars by E. Lockhart, Wink of Luna metallic brush pen, Zig Letter pen Cocoiro + refill, Q & A: 5-Year Journal, Another Day by David Levithan (exclusive edition with dedication to his readers in the Philippines), The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon, and a Zebra Sarasa pen. Continue reading “Manila International Book Fair 2k15 Haul!”

Books, Books, and More Books!

Are you a bookworm? Or are you one of those people who would fall asleep just after reading the first few paragraphs of the very first chapter? Well, you know what they say—everyone is a reader on the inside, it’s just the challenge of finding the right book. With that being said, here is a list of my personal favorite books that readers and “nonreaders” alike would enjoy and find a book to read (and hopefully get hooked on to).

  1. Z by Michael Thomas Ford


I think that this is the only book that I own that has a letter for a title. If you are a fan of sci-fi and action-adventure, Z is the book for you! (In fact, when one of my non-reader friends read this book, it ‘unlocked’ the reader in him!) This book is all about gaming and zombies with a twist. Set in the future, AFTER the zombie apocalypse, the protagonist Josh is one of the world’s top players in a video game all about hunting and killing zombies. Read the full synopsis and ratings on Goodreads!

  1. Road to Perdition (a graphic novel)


The whole novel is in black and white—which is a nice touch towards the setting of the story. It’s all about mobsters, fame, money, faith, fate, and family. If you (or someone else) are/ is not a ‘reader’, then this would be perfect because it’s a graphic novel and the whole plot is not only thrilling but emotionally inspiring, as well. Read the entire synopsis and ratings here.



  1. Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan

UntitledIf you enjoy reading about fantasy, mythology, a little comedy, and adventure – this series is for you! Read the full synopsis and ratings here.

If you are not the one who likes reading, perhaps this series would change your mind!


And remember:Untitled4

  1. Everyday by David Levithan

Untitled5 If you are looking for something different and unique, I suggest you try Everyday. It’s about a person named A, who wakes up everyday in a different body. It’s a really beautiful novel about love, friendship, and sacrifice. Click here for the synopsis and reviews.






  1. I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak

 Untitled6If you are familiar with the movie or the book The Book Thief, you’ll find that although they share the same author, I Am the Messenger is comparatively different from The Book Thief. While The Book Thief is heavy and dramatic, you’ll find I Am the Messenger light and a little humorous. It revolves around one guy named Ed Kennedy, who works as a cab driver. He faces a mysterious quest, given by an unknown person, on helping (and sometimes hurting) people for the better. Click here for the complete synopsis and reviews.

So there you have it, five books to get you started on the adventure of a lifetime! 🙂