Japan 2k16 – Week 5 (May 2 – May 8)

Hello! Er, it’s definitely been a while. I thought that I would sit down and catch up on my blog today since I’m staying in! Here are the things I did a few weeks ago!

First of all –


Day 1: May 2

Today is one of my best friend’s birthday; happy birthday, Chiara! ❤

After classes, Pam (from the Philippines) and I went to Tokyo Station! I was so excited to go since I’ve been reading so much about how large the station was with so many stores inside – this includes three particular locations which caught my attention; namely: character street, ramen street, and restaurant street. I was not able to really explore Tokyo station the first time I went there, so today should be very interesting.

One of the first things I saw in the station was Tokyo Banana stores – which made me so happy since I do love Tokyo Banana.


We went around for a bit, hunting for character when – lo and behold – we found it:


Let me explain: basically, character street is a “street” filled with different character shops. These stores sold limited edition (Tokyo station- limited) items and other merchandises. Here is a directory of the famous Character Street.

REALLY happy about the Snoopy shop and the Ghibli shop!

Priorities first, of course. I immediately headed for Snoopy Town. My eyes grew really wide when I saw the limited-edition Snoopy plush toys in Tokyo Station koban (police) uniforms! I wanted to buy one, but sadly placed it back when I saw the price – maybe one day I’ll come back for it.


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