Type Kita 2k15

Last December 13 (Sunday), I went to 1161 Pasong Tamo Street, Makati for… Type Kita 3! Type Kita is an annual typography event / exhibit held by local artists. This year is my second time to go to Type Kita. My aunt and I have this small tradition to go to Type Kita and the 10a Alabama Arts and Crafts Fair together whenever we can. Finding the new location (as Type Kita is usually in 10a Alabama) was a little tricky, and we got lost a couple of times, but we eventually made it! When we arrived, I was so excited that I almost broke out sprinting to the entrance. We didn’t spend too long in the event though, as we had other places to be. I got two things from the exhibit:

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 5.02.36 PM
(L) a Zig Kuratake Silver brush pen and (2) a Song of the Sea inspired postcard by @don.fumar !

 I bought a gold Zig Kuratake brush pen during the MIBF (Manila International Book Fair) and I absolutely loved how the brush is! The tip is firm and it’s easy to control and use, plus the color is really nice. The art exhibit itself is really impressive, unfortunately, my phone is messing up so my camera only functioned long enough for me to take two photos. Continue reading “Type Kita 2k15”

10a Alabama Arts and Crafts Fair Haul!

A few days ago, I went to 10a Alabama for the Arts and Crafts Fair.

(It’s become a tradition for us to go!)

With that, I would like to share my haul for this month!

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 1.18.13 PM.png

So, this haul consists of:

  • Ella Lama‘s punny animal print (something which I’ve been eyeing for quite some time already)
  • Ella Lama‘s new masking tape design (gahh I still have the old design and both are equally amazing)
  • Three hand painted wooden magnets (a dog, a rabbit, and an owl) – all of which are equally detailed and adorable

    Also, not included in the photo:

  • Pumpkin Spice homemade ice cream by BICE = really really good! It tastes like my aunt’s carrot cake at first, then as the flavor stays on your tongue, it tastes like cinnamon
  • Three really soft and chewy cookies = it tasted okay – I mean, it was really soft and chewy, but the taste was a little bland?

Anyways! That was my haul for this month — now, time to save up for Type Kita!