Something amazing happened a few weeks ago! I am incredibly thankful that I got the opportunity to watch Pentatonix (PTX) live in Manila! Here’s the long backstory:

Last year, PTX performed in Manila (it was their first time in the country) and I wasn’t able to go. The sad thing was that I joined a random contest last year through social media and was actually lucky enough to win (one ticket)! I had to give it away because I had no transportation to go and I lacked a concert buddy. Devastated, I gave it to a random stranger via social media. This year, Philippine Concerts announced that they would be holding a contest for TWO tickets for PTX! I didn’t join because I didn’t think that I would win anyways since I had my chance last year. One of my best friends suddenly pushed me to join the contest because quote and unquote: “Who knows? You’re lucky anyways. Also, if you do win, you get a bigger chance of going since it’s two tickets.” I decided to give it a shot. I won. (Later on, that very friend was like: “I TOLD YOU SO OMG.”)

I quickly called my aunt, who enjoyed their Christmas album:
“Remember when I won tickets last year for PTX but wasn’t able to go?”
“Yes! Why? Did you wi-”
“I won again this year! Haha! This time two tickets! Do you want to watch with me?”

(That’s basically how the conversation went.)

And, so we went to the Smart Araneta Colliseum on the night of September 24, 2016:

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