Driving Again

Note: All the activities written here were done before NCOV-19 + lockdown.

(Hey guys, it’s been a while again. Whoops. Initially, when the lockdown was implemented, I thought I would have a lot of free time to actually update here, but I was wrong—haha! I’ll write more about that in the coming blog posts, but now, I want to share with you a little story + personal achievement that I did before the lockdown!)

After five long years, I finally enrolled myself into driving school again. This time, I decided to learn how to drive an automatic car (I learned manual the first time.) It’s funny to me to see my progress here because my first blog post on this blog was about driving school, haha!

Initially, I was nervous to drive again. I had so many thoughts circling my head: What if I cause a lot of traffic? What if I damage the car or accidentally bump someone? What if I forgot everything I’ve learned five years ago and make a total fool out of myself now?

All these thoughts kept swarming my head as I attended my first actual driving session—I was scared it would be as difficult as the first time I drove. I admit the first few sessions were a little rough. I was so used to all the foot positions (due to muscle memory/habit) of a manual car so much, that re-learning everything was nerve-wracking.

DrivingAgain1Outside the LTO (Land Transportation Office) to get a driver’s license application!

I had good days and bad days. The good days were when there was barely any traffic and the weather was great. The bad days were times when cars were all around me, and I felt claustrophobic, thinking that I would get squished on the road. At times, it was really overwhelming and I felt like giving up.

It was when I finally stopped thinking too hard about driving and stopped doubting myself, I realized that driving can be relaxing. I realized that driving is all about being in the present. You can’t think about on-road decisions that happened already once you get through it, and you can’t keep getting apprehensive about every move you make—it’s about how you react to what’s going on and trying to make the best out of every situation there.

After completing my lessons, I studied up for the licensing exam and went to the LTO a month after to take the test. After around 6 hours of waiting, I walked out with a driver’s license. Sure, I had several (and literal) bumps along the way, but I am proud to say that I did it! Yey!

(Sorry I don’t have a lot of pictures—but I guess, that’s self-explanatory, haha! Couldn’t really be taking a lot of photos while I drive, lol.)

‘Till the next blog post,


Honda Kalookan Driving School

Today, I had my very first driving lesson. I was so nervous earlier this morning because I had a fear that I would run over hit people or stuff. I was enrolled in Honda Kalookan Driving School. I decided to learn how to drive a manual car, which is said to be more challenging, rather than an automatic.

So, this is what happened:

When I was walking to the car: “Oh gosh, this is really happening. What if I bump into someone? What if I hit the islands? What if I make the driving instructor throw up?”

While the driving instructor was teaching me the basics: “I really hope I’ll be able to remember all of these when I take the exam next year.”

When he tells me to take over and sit on the driver’s seat: “Deep breaths, think positive. You won’t be killing anybody and you won’t be doing anything really bad.”

When I start accelerating: “This kinda reminds me of Mario Kart or GTA, to be honest – HAHA. No. That’s bad.”

When I started shifting gears: “I simultaneously feel so badass and slightly stupid.”

When I do a U-Turn: “OHHH YEAH! I did it!”

When I start driving: “Don’t think about Bumper Cars.Don’t think about Bumper Cars.”

When I reach the driving school again: “That was so much fun. When can I come back and do this again?”

Now, I just need a lot of practice…and a lot of patience.