Japan 2k16 – Week 5 (May 2 – May 8)

Hello! Er, it’s definitely been a while. I thought that I would sit down and catch up on my blog today since I’m staying in! Here are the things I did a few weeks ago!

First of all –


Day 1: May 2

Today is one of my best friend’s birthday; happy birthday, Chiara! ❤

After classes, Pam (from the Philippines) and I went to Tokyo Station! I was so excited to go since I’ve been reading so much about how large the station was with so many stores inside – this includes three particular locations which caught my attention; namely: character street, ramen street, and restaurant street. I was not able to really explore Tokyo station the first time I went there, so today should be very interesting.

One of the first things I saw in the station was Tokyo Banana stores – which made me so happy since I do love Tokyo Banana.


We went around for a bit, hunting for character when – lo and behold – we found it:


Let me explain: basically, character street is a “street” filled with different character shops. These stores sold limited edition (Tokyo station- limited) items and other merchandises. Here is a directory of the famous Character Street.

REALLY happy about the Snoopy shop and the Ghibli shop!

Priorities first, of course. I immediately headed for Snoopy Town. My eyes grew really wide when I saw the limited-edition Snoopy plush toys in Tokyo Station koban (police) uniforms! I wanted to buy one, but sadly placed it back when I saw the price – maybe one day I’ll come back for it.


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Japan 2k16 – May 1 (Snoopy Museum!)

After waiting for several weeks, the Snoopy Museum Tokyo finally opened last April 23 in Roppongi! I tried to get tickets to the opening day, but when I went to Lawson to buy – it was sold out! I got the next possible date, which was May 1!

Let me tell you about my day in the best way:


Through writing and through pictures!

So, as seen in the picture – Pam and I went to the Snoopy Museum together! (I’m so happy that I found someone who’s just as crazy with Peanuts / Snoopy as I am.) Winona also came with us, but she didn’t go in the museum. Instead, she explored Roppongi.

The entrance to the museum!
The evolution of Snoopy – from classic Peanuts to modern Peanuts!

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Japan 2k16 – Week 4 (April 25 – April 30)

Hello, everyone! I hope you’ll enjoy reading this as I had a fun time writing and experiencing these events (especially Sunday)! 🙂

Day 1: April 25

Today I finally check off something from my “Things I Must Do in Japan” list, and that’s going to Shirohige’s Cream Puff Factory – home to the Totoro cream puffs!

After school, Winona and I went to Shimokitazawa (this place is heaven, by the way). We were so happy since it’s literally a few stations away from the dorm!

After walking around for a couple of minutes, we finally found the small sign that leads to the famous cream puff store!

It’s actually really hidden, so you need to have sharp eyes!
The first floor is actually the cream puff store, and the second floor is their restaurant (and bakery for other bread). You can order cream puffs and eat it on the second floor!
When we went in, we were immediately greeted by a really cute sign and Totoro merch everywhere!



I mean, just look at them! Ahhh!



The flavors for this specific month are chocolate cream, strawberry cream, original (vanilla), and banana caramel cream.

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Japan 2k15 – Week 3 (April 18 – April 24)

I know, I know. I’m about two weeks late for this post! There’s just so much going on simultaneously – mostly school work and chores; but I finally had the time to sit down and re-tell my week 3 (here’s to hoping that memory will serve me right)!

Day 1: April 18

Today marks the first “week-sary” of going to Sophia University! Even if we literally started just a week ago, the workload is already pretty heavy. In Japanese classes, we have exams every day so studying and memorizing grammar rules and words and such take time. I went straight to the dorm after classes.

By the way, may I introduce you to the best cookie ever (sold in Japan / Japanese stores in the Philippines) – that’s manufactured, of course (nothing beats a homemade cookie!):

Country Ma’am Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Gosh, these cookies are just perfect. Not too sweet, very chewy, moist, with the right amount of delicious chocolate in them. I’m addicted. Help.

I finally took some time to try the KFC here in Japan and:


It’s pretty much amazing. The chicken is so good – so tender and just the right amount. The homemade biscuits came with maple syrup and the coleslaw is so good! Even if it didn’t have any rice, this meal made me so full. I had such a hard time finishing it. Wow.

Day 2: April 19

I literally didn’t sleep a wink today (well, tonight). I was too busy studying and reading for classes! This is my first all-nighter (in my collegiate life, that is). Wow.

I didn’t have time to cook, so I bought something from the convenience store:

This was my
This was my dinner (& dessert)!

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Japan 2k16 – (April 16 to April 17)

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I will be creating a separate blog post for April 16 – 17 since a LOT has happened and if I did place it in the previous post, it would make it too long. ANYWAYS —

I went to Lake Kawaguchiko (near Mt. Fuji) with my uncle and his family and attended the Cherry Blossom Festival!

On the way there!
We stopped by the station to ride another bus that takes us directly to the lake / festival and I saw these cookies! They are so cute – shaped like little Mt. Fujis!
13010160_1181766358500446_666642183_o (1)
I bought a box of 10 assorted cookies to share with my friends in the dorm 🙂
These were the flavors inside the box! Personally, my favorites were strawberry, earl grey, and chocolate!

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Japan 2k16 – Week 2 (April 9 – April 15)

Sorry for the late update, but so many things have happened this week! 🙂

Come along with me and my adventures with my second week in Japan!
(Click here for the first week!)

Day 1: April 9

Today, Winona and I got up bright and early (well, not really – it was around 9 in the morning) and left the dormitory to go to Shibuya!


When we arrived in Shibuya, the first priority was to hunt for the Hachiko statue, and when we saw it we were both happy and sad at the same time since we were finally able to see it in person then we remember what the history behind it is. We also finally got to see the famous Shibuya crossing!

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 9.10.20 PM

We had an “official list” of 10 things to do in Shibuya since we allotted the whole day to exploring the area.

(#1 being Hachi’s statue)

#2: Tower Records

It’s a really tall building!
When I saw this, I thought, “Hey! Isn’t that the font in which Peanuts / Snoopy uses?”. Also, the message is true. (Plus that cute Hachi statue.)

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Japan 2k16 – Week 1 (April 1 – April 8)

Secret’s out! I’m in Japan (well, you could already tell by the title of this blog entry)!

A couple of months ago (November, if I remember correctly), I applied for an exchange student program under my university and last February I got the confirmation that I got accepted! You’ll never guess the name of the university, I swear. It’s Sophia University (HAHA). I excitedly booked my flight, applied for a student visa, and made other necessary preparations for this exchange program.

Day 1: April 1

On the night of March 31, I headed for the airport since my flight was at 1 in the morning the very next day (April 1). I was going to Japan! Luckily, my aunt, her friends, and one of my friends from the same university I’m attending (Dei) – whom I met because of this program – had the same flight with me, so we decided to go together. After waiting a couple of hours, we finally boarded the plane and took off! [We used Jetstar Japan for the flight going there since their tickets were really cheap. My luggage – containing (hopefully) enough needs for 4 months – weighed 17 kg for check-in and a (combined) weight of 10 kg for my carry-on.]

We arrived in the Narita airport (Terminal 3) around 6 in the morning, but had to wait until 9 AM for a representative from the university to pick us up. While waiting, we ate. This was officially my first meal in Japan:


(I forgot what the exact name of this dish was, but it’s like okonomiyaki with soba inside.)

When we finally got picked up, we started to make our way to the dormitory. It’s a special dormitory to house international students. When we stepped out of the airport, we were pleasantly surprised by the gush of cool air! We rode the bus (for 2 hours) and rode the train going to Seijogakuen-mae station, where the dorm is located. When we got down from the train and started the 30 – 40-minute walk to the dorm, we were speechless with what we saw.

Cherry blossoms in full bloom!

When we arrived, we were quickly given an orientation around and then we were left in our rooms to unpack. We met up with the rest of the students – Winona, Ivy, and Alex – (they arrived on a later flight) and we (Dei, Winona, and I) went to the supermarket later to stock up on food and other necessities.

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Hong Kong 2k15

I know, I know. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been pretty busy since it was the holidays and school started last week, but I would want to share with you my experience last December (Dec. 28 – Jan. 1) on my trip to Hong Kong!

(L to R) Hannah (little sister), me, and Kyle (little brother) riding the train. Hannah took this photo 🙂

This was my little sister’s first international trip, so it’s pretty exciting for us all! For the first time, I was in charge of the itinerary and the maps and all — so this is what I planned:

December 28 (Monday)

Morning: departure at 9:45 AM

Afternoon: check-in hotel Holiday Inn Golden Mile (Tsim Sha Tsui) (Nathan Road) and explore the area

Evening: sleep early for a big day tomorrow; dinner at Delicious Kitchen (more on that later)

= On the first day, almost everything went according to plan! We went to the airport early in the morning and had a light breakfast (as they were also serving breakfast in the plane). Unfortunately, I was really ill the day before so I was quite weak in the first few days of the trip. When we arrived in Hong Kong, we took the Airport Express (train) followed by a free shuttle service directly to our hotel. [I was so happy that the temperature during our entire stay was around 18 to 19 degrees. I do love cold weather.] We unpacked for a bit then went to iSquare (which is conveniently located across the street, yay!). I immediately went to two of my favorite stores in Hong Kong: Log-On (lifestyle specialty store) (I usually hoard on stationery and collectibles here) and HMV (music, films, games, and collectibles shop) (I buy limited edition CDs or DVDs here and posters or collectibles.) We went to the supermarket (which is also conveniently in iSquare) and got some light dinner because it was quite late and we were exhausted. Unfortunately, Hannah (my little sister) got a fever at night so we had to change the itinerary of the trip a bit.

Photo from: insideretail.asia
Photo from: http://www.timessquare.com.hk/eng/shop_detail.php?shop=409
Photo from: insideretail.asia

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